Company at a Glance!

Incepted in the year 2003, ROBOTEK BATTERIES (P) LTD is a well-known name in the market today and has carved a niche for itself in the industry. It is proud to be one of the most prominent exporters / importers / wholesalers / distributors / suppliers / traders of Mobile Batteries.

Designed from premium raw material, we are providing the best-in-class products to our clients since 2003. From batteries to chargers to other mobile accessories, our product range is vast and diversified and caters to almost all the needs of mobile users. With diligent and persistent efforts in bringing quality to its products, Robotek is a premium player in this field now and “Robotek” is a name that needs no introduction today.



Today, the world is going the “mobile way” and cell-phone is an indispensable gadget to live our lives, and with so much intrusion of mobile phones into our life, mobile batteries and charges are almost like the ‘life-giving-cells’ to the ‘gizmo generation’ of today!

We cater to this need of mobile lovers as we provide you with a wide variety of mobile accessories, chargers and batteries. For the life of your mobile, charge it up with Robotek’s supreme-quality mobile batteries and chargers.

Quality is our focus and quality is what we strive to achieve and provide you with. We strive hard with a laser-sharp focus on quality to practically implement strategies to cater to various and sundry needs of our mobile customers, irrespective of ever-growing demands in terms of new technologies and ever-increasing need for quality mobile accessories.



We are of the firm belief that the quality is the mainstay of any business. So, we have proudly adopted a “no-tolerance approach” towards bringing up on surface nothing else but quality. Our flawless range of products is considered to be best-selling as they have been ‘timed and tested’ for quality that lasts long. It’s our moral and ethical duty to supply you with nothing else but the very best, and we are glad that we are able to keep up our promise thus far.



Our Work Ethos – Seeing a Vision in Every Mission! 

Fulfilling the needs of mobile users and enriching their virtual world with a wide array of mobile batteries, chargers and mobile accessories, Robotek is on its mission to fuse life into the virtual world of mobile users. Refinement of our products is a practice we undertake to make our products better with each passing day. We are always in the pursuit of user contentment and customer satisfaction. Our products tell the story of our hard work and perfection, as we develop, create, and provide products that speak of class and flawlessness. “Once a Robotek customer, always a Robotek customer” is what we aim to fetch from our esteemed clientele.


About Robotek Products 

Our product palette is well-assorted with a plethora of products ranging from high-tech mobile accessories like card readers, screen guards, hands-free, chargers including DC charger, universal charger, travel charger etc.


Our Product Range

  • Mobile Batteries
  • Mobile Chargers
    • Smart Chargers
    • Universal Charger
    • Travel Charger
    • DC Charger
    • USB Chargers
  • Hands Free
  • Card Readers
  • Screen Guards
  • OEM Batteries and Other products
  • Mobile Speakers 


Benefits of Being Our Client! 

  • Robotek has a very vast and widespread network
  • We excel in providing customized mobile accessories, batteries, chargers and other mobile products
  • Industry leading prices
  • On time delivery of products